Providing every level of care needed

Mobile Vet Care is a full-service house call vet. We offer nearly all of the services that your pet will need in the comfort of your home. These include:

  • Wellness exams which includes listening to heart and lungs, looking into mouth and eyes, measuring weight and discussing any concerns you may have
  • Preventative care such as administering vaccines and providing heartworm medication
  • Diagnosis and treatment of a variety of illnesses and injuries
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Home euthanasia

Though Dr. Rossi is primarily a house call vet, there are times when all of the tools of a full clinic are needed. When this is the case, Dr. Rossi will schedule an appointment for your pet at a local clinic where she has privileges. There she can take advantage of x-rays and ultrasounds to make advanced diagnoses and perform any major dental or surgical procedure that is needed.

In this way, Mobile Vet Care provides the best of both worlds to you and your pet: the comfort and convenience of in-home visits when possible and the capabilities of a full-service veterinary clinic when needed.